DS300S Checkweigher in production

DS300S Checkweigher 1

Another two checkweighers have been issued for production today for a repeat customer of Driver Southall. Our checkweighers are designed to suit each individual application with the aim to maximise throughput, accuracy in the space available. The machine above has an overall footprint of 1204mm x 1000mm and can handle a 200mm pack at speeds exceeding 120 packs per minute. This can be fitted with a variety of reject mechanisms which are carefully selected and installed for each product.

If you have any requirements for checkweighers, metal detection systems, combination systems or vibratory conveyors then please don’t hesitate to give the office a call on 01543 687090 or drop up as line at Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk

Bespoke Weighing Solutions

DS Kebab Weigh Station

In addition to the checkweighers, metal detectors and combination systems that we offer we are also able to offer bespoke design and manufacture of weighing systems. This design is for the assembly and trimming of gyros and kebabs up to 50 kilograms .

The design includes a space for a 250l euro bin and a cutout in one of the removable boards to discarding trimmings. One the kebab is at its desired weight the indicator display turns green and the user knows its within the specific tolerance. The unit can then be wrapped and labelled with the correct weight stickers (optional label printer available)

The unit is designed with hygiene in mind; the work tables are removable for easy clean down and the crevice free frame design means that whole machine can be easily cleaned. The machine is designed to IP68 and can withstand the hardship of working in a food environment. These systems are also available as 2, 4 and 8 station design and can be tailored to the end users requirements.

If you have an application like this or are interested in the bespoke weighing systems that we can offer give the office a call on 01543 687090 or email us Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk

DS300S Checkweigher & Rotary Turntable

DS300S Checkweigher & Turntable

Another DS300S Checkweigher being delivered to one of our customers this week. The customer also purchased one of our 1m open frame poly top rotary turntables with variable speed control through a single phase inverter. We are able to supply additional conveyors, rotary turntables and other ancillary equipment to work alongside the checkweigher.

If you have any requirements for checkweigher, metal detectors or combination systems then give us a call on 01543 687090 or drop up as line at Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk


Machine Delivery

DS300S Checkwighers

Another 3 checkweighers being delivered today  All to existing customers who are replacing their existing machinery with new Driver Southall systems. All of these systems are fitted with supermarket specification and comply with all major supermarket COPs. If you have any requirements for checkweigher, metal detectors or combination systems then give us a call on 01543 687090 or drop up as line at Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk


DS300S Caseweigher

DS300S Caseweigher

Where as simple checkweigher is required the DS300S Caseweigher is the ideal solution. Designed with hygiene in mind, the DS300S caseweigher is simple to clean and designed to be very low maintenance. This highly accurate, single belt weigher is ideal for weighing cases or large bags and can be customised to suit a particular application.

All statistical data can be collected and downloaded to a USB stick via the USB terminal and all data can be opened as a .CSV file. Variable speed control in addition to reject output makes it perfect for an end of line check.

  • DS300S Caseweigher highly accurate, single belt case/bag weigher specifically designed for processing and production environments
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel construction, protected to IP65 and specifically designed for easy wash down and cleaning
  • Touch screen display, presenting an array of statistical which can be downloaded via USB (if supplied)
  • Simple design for various weight ranges
  • Variable belt speed via potentiometer (if fitted)
  • Specifically designed to comply with both average weights and minimum weights legislation.
  • Light weight conveyor design driven by single phase motor with inverter control.

If you have an application like this or would like more information of this system or any of our checkweigher then give us a call on 01543 687090 to email us Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk

DS300S Mailing checkweigher

Our DS300S Mailing Checkweigher is designed to go inline to any inserter on any high speed mailing line. Capable of checkweighing more than 12,000 envelopes per hour (Size Dependant) it is well suited for most inserting lines.

Its robust construction and simple airblast reject system makes it easy to use and offers unrivaled reliability. Coupled with highly reliable brushless DC motors, digitally variable speed control we can offer exceptional performance and reliability and still achieve a accuracy of less than 1g at full speed.

If you have requirements for a machine like this or have any other checkweigher applications why not give us a call on 01543 687090 or send us an email Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk

DS300S Checkweigher With Barcode Verification

One of our DS300S checkweighers in operation. Fitted with an pneumatic airblast reject system it is capable of weighing more than 120 packs per minute. With reject confirmation sensor and reject bin sensor fitted it is compliant to the M&S Code of practice and suitable for any food production environment.

DS300S Checkweigher 1

Fitted with a inline barcode scanner it is capable of reading the barcode of the side of the box where it is checked to be legible. If illegible or incorrectly printed it is rejected from the line by means of the air blast reject system.

The machines can be tailored to each individual application and can handle packs up to 1kg in weight. If you have an application like this or would like more information of the other machines we offer give us a call on 01543 687090 or send us an email at Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk

Performance Validation

DS300S Combi 1DS300S Metal Detector 1

A performance validation is an independent check carried out to ensure that the machinery is working correctly.

PV checks must include:

  • Metal Detector / X-ray manufacturer’s initial build parameters
  • Electrical and mechanical installation checks
  • System functionality checks including adherence to the specified critical limits
  • Product related information checks & Fail-safe functionality checks
  • Customer’s test piece verification checks
  • An audit of a random member of the production personnel (whose job it is to conduct routine and failsafe testing) in order to assess their knowledge and skills during the routine and failsafe testing

This is usually conducted by an operator of the machine and the procedure is typically witnessed by a Q.A. The person carrying out the validation and the person inspecting the validation must be able to provide evidence of competency. This evidence must relate to the individual and not the company and this must be attached to every PV certificate issued.


Driver Southall is able to offer training in line with each supermarket specification and the training packages can be tailored to the amount of trainees and the level of competency required. This can be also offered as part of the extensive service contracts that we offer or as a standalone package.

For more information about the training packages and service packages we offer why not give us a call.

01543 687090 Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk

Driver Southall – Where Accuracy And Reliability Count

DS300S Combination System

DS300S Combi 1

Our DS300S Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination System can be tailored you suit your individual requirements and can be fitted with a variety of reject options including Airblast, Ram Reject, Bat Off Reject, Divert Reject or Overhead Reject.

In addition, our machines also comply to all the latest supermarket specification and include reject bin sensing with electronic door control, reject confirmation sensor, reject bin full sensors and  queue back sensor with product tracking via integrated encoders in the motors.

In addition we can also offer metering conveyor for product separation in addition to other ancillary equipment. If you have any requirements for our combination system or any other checkweigher or metal detector requirements then give us a call.

Driver Southall – Where Accuracy And Reliability Count 

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