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  • DS4 Checkweigher

    The DS4 Checkweigher offers unbeatable checkweighing performance. With it’s hygienic design and rated to IP66, the stainless steel construction is suitable for even the most vigorous food production environment. Click for more information

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  • DS4 Checkweigher Combination System

    The DS4 checkweigher metal detector combination system offers unbeatable checkweighing and metal detection performance. It has a hygienic design and is constructed using stainless steel. With the system also rated to IP66, it’s engineered to last in even the harshest of production environments.

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  • DS300S Checkweigher Metal Detector Combi Unit

    The DS300S CU Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination unit offers the same incredible checkweighing performance and design as the standard checkweigher and complies with the latest supermarket codes of practice. Setup is completed from the checkweigher screen, giving customers incredible reliability and a simplified setup procedure.

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  • DS300S Checkweigher

    The DS300S CW Checkweigher offers incredible checkweighing performance. Constructed from Stainless Steel and hygienically designed  the DS300S CW is perfect for any food production area. The machine design along with purpose built electronics and carefully selected components offers increased reliability, flexibility and is compliant with the supermarkets’ latest Codes of Practice.

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