Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination SystemCheckweighers, Metal Detectors and Conveyor systems are critical to ensuring that production goals are being met. With constantly changing regulations, meeting those production goals whilst also staying within those regulations is becoming more difficult.

With over 50 years of designing, building and servicing Checkweighers and many years of supporting metal detectors we have the knowledge and the skill to keep our machines running throughout their lifetime.

Driver Southall understands the requirements of a production environment and that each production line, facility and industry will face different challenges.

We offer different levels of support for our customers and tailor each package to suit their needs.

Driver Southall service packages offer various levels of support and benefits. From scheduled servicing and training to telephone support and discounted spare parts, a comprehensive package can be provided. All of our engineers are factory trained, certified and undertake an extensive evaluation to ensure the highest level of customer service is provided.

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