DS300S Checkweigher With Barcode Verification

One of our DS300S checkweighers in operation. Fitted with an pneumatic airblast reject system it is capable of weighing more than 120 packs per minute. With reject confirmation sensor and reject bin sensor fitted it is compliant to the M&S Code of practice and suitable for any food production environment.

DS300S Checkweigher 1

Fitted with a inline barcode scanner it is capable of reading the barcode of the side of the box where it is checked to be legible. If illegible or incorrectly printed it is rejected from the line by means of the air blast reject system.

The machines can be tailored to each individual application and can handle packs up to 1kg in weight. If you have an application like this or would like more information of the other machines we offer give us a call on 01543 687090 or send us an email at Sales@Driversouthall.co.uk