DS4 Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination System

Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination System

The DS4 checkweigher metal detector combination system offers unbeatable checkweighing and metal detection performance. Constructed using a hygienic stainless steel design, the system is rated to IP66 and is engineered to last in even the harshest of production environments.

The DS4 combination system has 4 levels of password protection – operator, supervisor, Q.A and engineer. These offer each user access to the controls that they require. All changes made on the DS4 combination system are logged on a downloadable event log to monitor what parameters are changed on a continuous basis.

An array of statistical information is available at the touch of a button. All data can be downloaded via USB and viewed on most computers. Information can also be transmitted over ethernet for collection by a factory management program.

The removal of the conveyor is easily achieved without the use of tools. The quick release, cantilever design allows the checkweigher conveyor belt to be easily replaced in seconds. This maximises line uptime without compromising machine performance.

All systems can be designed to comply with BRC and all supermarket COP’s. These can be fitted at the time of purchase or retrofitted later if required. We also offer tailor made service packages to suit each production schedule.

With over 100 years of experience in the industry, we can offer checkweighers to suit almost any product.

DS4 Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination System Overview

  • Compact machine design, suitable for weighing products up to 3kg.
  • Multiple conveyor configurations available to suit product size and required throughput.
  • Tool free conveyor removal with quick release belt system.
  • Tubular steel frame for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Conveyor drive via low voltage brushless DC motors, with digital speed control.
  • Product library with capacity to store up to 800 products, giving fast product changeover.
  • Automatic mean weight correction to help meet weight legislation.
  • Pack tracking through the system.
  • All production data archived to memory for future recall.
  • Full, live range, fast response digital load-cell. This gives accurate readings whilst minimising product giveaway.
  • 15.6” full colour, easy to clean, touch-screen display.
  • Multi-level password access, presenting an array of statistical and graphic data.
  • Error reporting / hardware systems check.
  • Integrated event logging for audit trail.
  • Data output via USB port or ethernet cable to factory management software.

Retail and BRC Specifications

  • Controlled reject bin access via HMI.
  • Reject confirmation and bin full sensors.
  • Air pressure monitor.
  • Pack tracking via gating photocells and integrated motor encoders.
  • Interlocked machine covers.
  • Audible and visual alarms via light stack.
  • Test facility for reject and fail safe systems.

DS4 Combination System Technical Specification

Data Retrieval:USB/Ethernet/Printer
IP Rating:IP65
Belt Type:FDA Approved Elasticated PU Belt
Reporting:Batch/Production/Shift/Event Logs
Construction:304 Grade Stainless Steel Frame with PET-G/Stainless Steel Cover
Electrical:100v - 240v (50-60hz) 1PH/N&E 2-4A
Weight Range:20g-3000g
Pneumatic:5-8 Bar (72-120 psi)
Operating Temperature:0 - 40 Degrees Centigrade
Supply Requirements:

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