Driver Southall offer training solutions which are tailored to the customer’s specific needs. We also offer training in line with most supermarkets ‘Code of Practice’. This is broke down into four tiers and the level of training would be dependent on the employee. The tiers of training would be as follows;

Tier Level Required?
M&S COP Content Operators QA / Supervisors SME Site Engineers
Understanding of checkweighing and metal detector for staff who come into contact with the machines – Basic operation of DS300S Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination System
– Understanding on why product inspections take place
– What is expected of operators of the machines
– What can be done to prevent metal contaminates
Basic setup of the Checkweigher Metal Detector Combination Unit – Test Procedure for ensuring the machine is running correctly
– Understanding detection and sensitivity requirements
– Understanding the requirements for Audits and how to Audit the failsafe system
– Control of rejected products
– Understanding the need to conduct metal reject investigations
– Understanding what corrective actions are required
Subject Matter Expects (SME) who understand Supermarket COP’s and how they are implemented. This person should also be capable of conduction training and optimising sensitivity of the machine – All training details included in Tier A & B
– In depth understanding of principles of metal detection
– Understanding the specification of the machine and how it operates
– Full understanding of relevant COP’s and how they are implemented
– How to optimise sensitivity of the machine for different products
Site engineers who will monitor the upkeep of the machines and handle any issues with the machine – All training details included in Tier A & B
– How to trace faults on the machine and how to rectify them
– Importance of maintenance & performance validation
– Perform routine maintenance on the machine

Basic training on machine operation is typically provided upon commissioning however extensive training courses can be completed on customers site or at Driver Southall Workshop. Driver Southall pride on offering the best service possible so can tailor to your needs.

Contact us for your training requirements and for your tailored quotation.