Checkweigher and Rotary Turntable

DS300s Checkweigher and Rotary TurntableDS300S Checkweigher & Turntable

We currently have Two DS300S Checkweighers in production for a coffee producer based in the UK. This customer purchased a similar checkweigher last year and was happy with the build quality and performance.

Replacing his existing checkweighers; the machines will help the customer improve their line efficiency by increasing the throughput capacity and reducing the production downtime.

DS300S Checkweigher

This checkweighers have been designed to weigh packs up to 300 mm long at speeds up to 120 packs per minute. Driven by brushless DC motors, the packs can be tracked across the machine and rejected quickly using the high speed airblast reject.

These machined are fitted with supermarket specification making theme fully compliant to all supermarket and BRC specifications. The simple construction, robust stainless steel frame and in house developed electronics make this machine perfect for any food production environment.

More information of our DS300S checkweigher range can be found here 

DS Rotary Turntable

The customer also ordered two rotary turn tables for this line. Its simple box section construction, open frame design and IP65 Motor and inverter arrangement make it ideal for most food production environments. Fixed side guide with an aperture to suit the checkweigher outfeed conveyor packs are easily transferred and collated.

Available in different variations including bespoke build we have something to suit every production line.

Service Packages

We have a team of highly skilled engineers who can help support your machines to ensure there working there best. Service contracts can be offered to cover a number of options and can be tailored to specific requirements i.e. Weekend Visit, Early Start (Before Production) etc.

More information on the services that we offer can be found here.

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