Checkweighers with Barcode Verification

In the competitive world of packaging, particularly within the food production sector, the DS300S Checkweigher stands out as a testament to Driver Southall’s commitment to excellence, precision, and compliance. This machine combines high speed checkweighing with advanced barcode verification, ensuring that every package leaving your production line meets both weight specifications and labelling requirements with unparalleled accuracy.

Key Features of the DS300S Checkweigher

checkweigher with barcode verification

High Speed Performance: Capable of handling over 120 packs per minute, the DS300S Checkweigher is designed to be extremely efficient, helping to minimise bottlenecks and in high demand environments.

Pneumatic Airblast Reject System: Equipped with an advanced pneumatic airblast reject mechanism, the DS300S is designed to swiftly remove any item that does not meet the preset weight requirements, ensuring only compliant products proceed down the line.

Barcode Verification: Integration of an inline barcode scanner enables the DS300S to inspect each pack’s barcode for legibility and accuracy. Illegible or incorrectly printed barcodes trigger the reject system, preventing potential retail and compliance issues.

Compliance Ready: The system is complemented by a reject confirmation sensor and a reject bin sensor, to ensure no incorrect product bypasses the inspection process. The DS300S meets the stringent M&S Code of Practice, making it an ideal choice for any food production environment prioritising quality and compliance.

Customisable Solutions: Understanding that no two production lines are identical, we offer customisable options for the DS300S Checkweigher. Tailor the system to handle packs up to 1kg in weight, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific application needs.

Seamless Integration: Designed with your business in mind, the DS300S can integrate smoothly into existing production lines.



Can the DS300S handle different pack sizes and types?

Yes, the DS300S is able to handle various pack sizes up to 1kg.

Is the DS300S suitable for environments beyond food production?

The DS300S is suitable for a wide range of packaging environments requiring precise weight and barcode verification.

Is the machine available to hire?

Yes. This checkweigher can be available in as little as 24 hours for short/long term hire or immediate purchase.

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