Vibratory Conveyors

Vibratory Conveyors

Driver Southall vibratory Conveyors are designed to run quietly with low power consumption, they are designed with ease of maintenance in mind and therefore offer incredible reliability.

The vibrating action is achieved with either electro-magnetic units or with specially designed hydraulic impulse units (if moving large weights is required).

The gentle vibrating action eliminates product damage

  • All conveyors are of bespoke design to customer’s specification and product requirements
  • Electro-magnetic or hydraulic drive
  • Well established record of successful vibratory conveyer installations in almost all manufacturing fields including food & drink, chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Quiet, reliable, positive conveying with low power consumption and easy maintenance
  • The conveying action is both gentle and positive, without causing damage to the product
  • Conveyors can operate in both horizontal and inclined positions which provide a steady feed rate regardless of material load or voltage fluctuations
  • Combination of advanced stress analysis techniques and thousands of successful installations provide maximum customer confidence
  • Vibratory design is ideal for a diverse number of applications including feeding, glazing, laning, screening, inspection, and metal detection
Dewatering Conveyor 2Emag Inspection ConveyorHydraulic Vibratory Laning Conveyor.

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