DSG20 X-Ray Inspection System

x-ray inspection system

DSG20 X-ray Key Functions 

The DSG20 is our best selling x-ray system due to its versatility and options for customisations. In addition, the DS20 is also compliant with BRC, Tesco and M&S Standards.

This X-Ray system can be configured for a wide range of products including bulk flow products and any products in discrete packaging.

The DSG20 combines superior inspection algorithms with linear array technologies enabling product inspection to go far beyond just contaminant detection. In addition, the system can improve product quality through inspection of fill volume, check for damaged or missing items and confirm quantities of count and mass. You can set your own quality limits on our easy to use software, to whatever level is acceptable to your business.

Like all of our systems, the a series x-ray system is manufactured from stainless steel grade 304 and designed to be cleaned for washdown quickly and easily without the requirement for tools.

DSG20 X-ray Key Functions 

  • Compact design to use minimal space
  • Realtime analysis of products and packaging lines, each product is checked for metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics
  • Versatile configuration – The DSG20 can inspect a wide range of products including bulk flow and packaged products
  • Reject station for controlling contaminated or non conforming products
  • Historic batch data for auditing proposes is included as standard

DSG20 X-ray Applications

  • Ready meals
  • Packaged foods such as pasta, flour, rice, chocolates, biscuits etc
  • Loose and bulk flow foods
  • Pet foods
  • Doughnuts (For fill checking)
  • Cosmetics and toiletries

DSG20 X-ray Features

  • Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity and sophistication
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic calibration and automatic setup
  • User friendly interface and controls
  • Professional and friendly system support
  • Designed for quick and easy washdown
  • Optional reject stations or extended conveyor for beltstop available
  • All UK Designed and manufactured

DSG20 X-ray Machine Dimensions 


DSG20 Options

  • Seal verification option
  • Add single or double reject bin
  • Choose from a wide range of reject systems
  • Option to add an integrated checkweigher
  • Multi lane detection available


G20XL – For the inspection of wider products

The DSG20XL is ideal for inspecting wider items such as frozen pizza and flatbreads. Contact us for more information.

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