DS A-Series X-ray System

food x-ray machine

The A-series x- ray system is compact enough to fit into your existing production line without compromising on performance of your x-ray system. This could be for any product format including trays, pouches, cans and loose products

This x-ray system has capabilities for high sensitivity imaging with superior contaminant detection which has been expertly designed to utilise low energy technologies.

The A-series combines superior inspection algorithms with linear array technologies enabling product inspection to go far beyond just contaminant detection. With  all our x-ray systems, the A series can check packed quantity and check fill/mass levels are correct

Like all of our systems, the a series x-ray system is manufactured from stainless steel grade 304 and designed to be cleaned for washdown quickly and easily without the requirement for tools.

A Series X-ray Key Functions 

  • Compact design to use minimal space
  • Realtime analysis of products and packaging lines, each product is checked for metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics
  • Monitoring of products and packaging attributes. The A-series can detect damaged items, confirm mass and count quantity
  • Product versatility – The A-Series can inspect trays, pouches, cans and loose product

A-Series X-ray Applications

  • Tablets
  • Small packs of cooked or fresh meat
  • Small bags of chocolate, nuts or other snacks
  • Other small food items

A-Series X-ray Features

  • Unrivalled for speed, sensitivity and sophistication
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic calibration and automatic setup
  • User friendly interface and controls
  • Professional and friendly system support
  • Designed for quick and easy washdown
  • Optional reject stations or extended conveyor for beltstop available
  • All UK Designed and manufactured

A Series X-Ray Machine Dimensions 

A Series X-Ray Footprint



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