Fish Finger Laning Conveyor

Driver Southall was asked to produce a laning conveyor for a company manufacturing fish fingers. The conveyor should take bulk product and sort them into lanes ready for cartoning.

Driver Southall designed a custom made solution which vibrates the product down the conveyor but also spreads the product out on the first conveyor, orientates it on the second conveyor and get the product into the correct lanes on the third conveyor. This machine was designed to file the product into 36 individual lanes.

All deck’s and frames was fabricated from stainless steel with reaction masses constructed from a mild steel core fully enclosed in stainless steel sheet.

The vibratory conveyors are powered by specially designed hydraulic pumps and cylinders designed for these specific applications. These provides quick product throughput and great reliability.

We have recently received an order for another two of these systems but wish to file the product into 48 lanes, without any lane dividers.

If you have a similar application then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.