GX Scale – Indispensable Scale

gram gx scale

The GX Scale is a high quality precision scale, constructed from stainless steel for industrial and agricultural weighing applications. It can be easily washed down with water at moderate pressure, making it the ideal scale to use in damp environments.

A front and back display allows for two operators to use it at the same time, with bright LED digits for enhanced visibility – allowing the scale to be easily viewed from any angle.

GX Scale Characteristics

  • Weight limits with visual and sound indication
  • Electronic filter to weigh unstable items
  • Battery state indicator


  • Total protection against liquids: IP-67
  • Double bright LED display
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Protection against overload
  • Stainless steel and ABS structure


Checking Function – The checking function allows you to see if your product sits within the expected tolerance levels of the set weight range. The lower and upper weight limits can be altered to achieve this, with a visual signal to notify you if it exceeds these limits.

Suitable for applications where you need to systematically check if the weight of several batches or products is within a weight range.

Dynamic Weighing Filter – The dynamic weighing filter is designed to minimise the effects of any movement while an item is being weighed. In particular, this function is great for agricultural settings where an animal may be moving around on the scale, or simply for weighing any item that is (or has the potential to be) unstable.

Auto Power-Off – The scale will turn off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity to save battery life. Please note: this feature can be disabled.



Total Protection Against Liquids

The scale is rated at IP-67 protection, to ensure the water does not damage the internal structure.


Double Auxiliary Display

A bright LED screen and double display allows multiple operators to share weighing data on the auxiliary screen.


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