DS300S Metal Detector Conveyor

DS300S Metal Detector

The DS300S MD is optimised for the best performance from a metal detector. Custom built to suit the detector head and customer’s requirement.

The DS300S MD is offered with a variety of reject systems, belt sizes, belt configurations and sensors to maximise the machine’s accuracy and efficiency.

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel construction, protected to IP65, specifically designed for easy wash down and cleaning
  • Detailed data collection via USB
  • Auto Calibration with system setup in seconds
  • Multi Level password protection
  • Full Fault Diagnostics and variable belt speed
  • Simple elasticated PU Belt conveyor design driven by extremely reliable low voltage brushless DC Motors
  • Air pressure monitor fitted
  • Removable machine guard with fitted interlocking switch

Optional Upgrades

  • Reject bin door sensing
  • Reject confirmation and bin full sensors
  • Audible and visual alarms via traffic light beacons
  • Test facility for reject systems and failsafe systems

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