DS300S Case Checkweigher

case checkweigher

Where a simple weight check is required, the DS300S case checkweigher is the ideal solution. Designed with hygiene in mind, the DS300S case weigher is simple to clean and designed to be very low maintenance. This highly accurate, single belt weigher is ideal for weighing cases or large bags and can be customised to suit the customers particular application.

The DS300S case checkweigher has variable speed controls and is designed with a reject output mechanism, allowing cases/bags to be accepted or rejected depending on the specified weight measurement. If the case is within the weight tolerance, it continues down the line. If it exceeds the tolerance levels, it is rejected and consequently removed, making it perfect for an end of line check.

All statistical data can be collected and downloaded to a USB stick via the USB terminal and can be opened as a .CSV file.

Case Checkweigher Features

  • Highly accurate, single belt case/bag weigher, specifically designed for processing and production environments.
  • Constructed using 304 grade stainless steel.
  • Electrical and electronic components protected to IP65 (minimum).
  • Specifically designed for easy wash down and cleaning.
  • Touch screen display, presenting an array of statistical data which can (if required) be downloaded via USB.
  • Simple design for various weight ranges.
  • Variable belt speed via potentiometer (if fitted).
  • Specifically designed to comply with both average weights and minimum weights legislation.
  • Light weight conveyor design, driven by single phase brushless motors with inverter control.

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DS300S CaseweigherDS300S Caseweigher 2

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