DS300S High Speed Checkweigher

Our DS300S High Speed Checkweigher is designed for Direct Mailing, Security Mailing and printing industries. This high speed checkweigher can run at speeds in excess of  16,000 packs per hour (size dependant) with a high level of accuracy and repeatability. The systems are designed to fit inline with any inserter and present envelopes or packages onto a collating belt or table. With digital motor control speed throughputs and speeds can be altered at ease and with pack tracking enabled it is also able to track the pack across the system and confirm rejected packs. Alarms can be fitted to alarm of a rejected pack not rejected or any other errors that can occur.

The high speed solenoid driven upflap reject is capable of diverting envelopes up to C4 size ,at the speed of almost 5 times a second, into a catch tray beneath. Here the rejected products can then be inspected for fault and reintroduced to the line if required. Reject confirmation sensors can also be fitted if required.

The linear belt speed of the checkweigher is excess of 2.2 meters per second so product control rollers are used to ensure that envelopes don’t slip or lift whilst in transit across the checkweigher. If you have any mailing applications or any requirements for a high speed checkweigher feel free to give us a call

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